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Trick Bartending Maryland: The Art of Consumption

Do you remember a time when you visited a bar to find that a rather talented individual was doing more than just serving drinks, but trick bartending in Maryland?


This person has made the leap in their career from providing a service to offering a performance. They're probably adding this flair for fun, but their tips at the end of a shift are swelling due to this as well.


If you are looking to become a bartender or just looking to take your craft to the next level, a strong bartending school can equip you with some of these highly desired skills.


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What is Trick Bartending?

Simply put, it is the collection of entertaining aspects a bartender uses to impress guests.


Trick bartending is an effective method of increasing your value as a bartender. It can be as simple as frosting just the edges of a glass, or as complex as a legitamate magic trick. Some people incorporate juggling and fancy handling of the bottles.


The best flair bartending matches the personality of the bartender.

Bartending with Flair + Personality = Awesome

Growing and developing your repertoire will quickly distinguish you as the hot commodity of a bar.


Trust us, your manager will notice. It can quickly land you the best shifts and get you paired up with the wealthier customers. Matching your skills with a stand out personality assures job security, large tips, and repeat customers.


People can get a drink anywhere, even at home. The reason that they go out is to avoid the boredom.


If you can manage to connect with your patrons with the aid of trick bartending, you'll have a packed bar more often than not.


The amount of drinks people order will also increase just so that they can see how you pull off advanced bartending skills. To view cool bartending tricks online check out this blog: Chris The Bartender.

Train Up Your Bartending Skills For Tomorrow

If you are looking for a community of bartenders to help you develop flair bartending tricks, Maryland Bartending Academy is a great selection.


With our help you can advance in weeks rather than months, while meeting new people who share your passion.


We've been producing polished bartenders in Baltimore, Silver Spring, DC, and Dundalk since 1980, and even experienced bartenders can attract more customers along with better pay through our program.


"Thanks to Maryland Bartending Academy, I was able to get a job just a few days after I got my license.


I now know how to make all the popular drinks with a twist of my own for my best customers."


Irina Ross Washington, D.C.


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