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Learn How to Bartend:
Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore, DC

If you are trying to learn how to become a bartender, the Maryland, especially Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and Silver Spring region offers you the best enviornment to accelerate your skills.

With the help of a bartending school in or around baltimore, you can get ahead of the curve, gain a knowledge of all poular drink combinations, and further enhance your own marketability!


This article gives you everything you need to know about learning how to bartend in Maryland.

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Who Learn's How To Bartend? Is It Right For Me?

The area around, Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, Dundalk, and Silver Spring, region is full of bars.


They are all seeking lively and fun individuals to work in their bars. People that are want to break away from the typical 9 to 5, are recommened to pursue a career in bartending.


If you want to have a career in bartending you should attend a bartending school to learn how to bartend in Maryland.


Why Learn How To Bartend At A Bartending School?

Seems like an easy question, but you will be surprised to hear all of the mixed responses that we receive.


By attending a bartending school, you will take various courses in subjects that will teach you the ins and outs of being a good bartender.


If you were to start in a restaurant or night club as a server or waiter, you would have a lot of competition to become a bartender.


Everyone wants to be the bartender because that is where the money is. You need an advantage over everyone else.


Bartending school gives you the edge.


What Am I Expected To Learn At A Bartending School In Maryland?

Bartending schools in the Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, and Silver Spring region will offer a wide variety of courses.


Below is a list of a few of the topics that you will learn at a bartending school:

  • How to set up the bar
  • Opening and closing procedures
  • How to change the various beer kegs
  • The proper measurements and how to mix drinks
  • How to determine if someone has had too much

There are many cocktails and new ones coming out all the time. A bartending school will teach you the fundamentals of mixing drinks and how to determining which flavors "go together".


A course in how to be a bartender in Maryland will teach you all of them:

  • Sour mixes
  • The various types of Martinis and Manhattans
  • Frozen Drinks
  • Fads and Exotic/Tropical drinks


So Where Should I Go To Learn How To Bartend In Maryland?

The Maryland Bartending Academy has been in business for over 30 years!


We will give you practical training to teach you how to bartend in Maryland. You will be able take what you learn in the classroom, and learn how to become the best bartender in Maryland.


So get the training you need and learn how to bartend in Maryland.


Read what our satisfied students said about us...


"Thanks to Maryland Bartending Academy I was able to get a job just a few days after I got my license. I now know how to make all the popular drinks with a twist of my own for my best customers."


Irina Ross Washington, D.C.


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Are You Ready to Start Bartending Now?

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You'll be glad you did.


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