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How To Get A Bartending Job With No Experience
Maryland | Baltimore | Silver Spring | DC

Do you want to learn how to get a bartending job with no experience in Maryland, Baltimore, Silver Spring, or DC?


If so, read this article to learn the different steps to becoming a bartender without any experience.


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The Benefit Of Training

Many people who live in Maryland dream of someday becoming a bartender.


After all, being a bartender has many benefits, in that the work is challenging and enjoyable for many people and can also be extremely profitable.


Those just starting out often wonder how to get a bartending job with no experience Maryland.


While getting a job in any industry without experience can be difficult, it is actually not very hard to get involved in bartending --


Even if you have no experience whatsoever.


What matters most is passion and work ethic; if you can nail these down, the job will inevitably follow.

How To Get Experience

For those wondering how to get a bartending job with no experience Maryland, there are many methods that one could use in order to get ahead.


Perhaps the best way to get into a reputable bar is to take classes.


Bartending classes can be both fun and educational, and proving to an employer that you have educational experience in bartending will likely sway them to give you a chance.


By contacting a local community college, you can usually gain quite a bit of information about bartending classes that are offered in your area.


If classes are not your thing, rest assured that there are other ways to get a bartending job without experience.

Working For Free?

One of the best ways to do this is to pick a bar that you think you'd like to work at and offer to stage for a night or two.


Staging is basically working for free, usually as a tryout for a paid position.


While many people don't like this concept, it is a great way to prove that you are dedicated to working for a specific bar or restaurant, and can land you a secure, paid gig.


The bottom line when looking for a bartending job with no prior experience is to prove to a potential employer that what you lack in experience you more than makeup for in passion and work ethic.


By proving that you are a hard worker, most employers will usually give you a chance to prove yourself.

So Where Should I Go For Training?

There are many places to receive bartender training --


But if you want the best turn to the Maryland Bartending Academy.


For 30 years the Maryland Bartending Academy has been training people, just like yourself, how to become professional bartenders.


With a variety of lessons, and your choose of a two week or five week program, you can become a bartender in no time!




"I was looking to become a bartender as a way to make some extra money on the weekends, but I had no experience.


I heard about the Maryland Bartending Academy and enrolled in their two week program.


I'm sure glad I did!


Within two weeks I had received my certificate from the academy, and was working at a popular nightclub in Baltimore.


I recommend the Maryland Bartending Academy to anyone who wants to pursue a career as a profesisonal bartender!"


Tammy Miller, Catonsville, MD

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