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How Much Do Bartenders Make?
Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia

So you are looking to make money serving drinks but always wondered.... How much do bartenders make in Maryland, DC, and Virginia?


Well, you'll be pleased to find that a good bartender can make a rather healthy income with some quality training.

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How Much Do Bartenders Make?

The truth is that bartenders get paid incredibly well!


How often have you gone to a bar, ordered up some drinks, and left a $2.00 to $5.00 tip? How much time expired between when you first ordered and when the bartender graciously collected your gratuity? 4-5 minutes? Have you ever taken note of how many other people are doing the exact same thing while you wait?


It is almost as if people are depositing money into a bank hidden behind the bar but, in actuality, its being deposited in the pockets of the bartender. Those tips add up to a great hourly wage even on week nights. On average shifts, a bartender can expect to make anywhere from $12 to $30 an hour. When a place starts buzzing, it isn't that uncommon for a good bartender to earn upwards of $100 hourly.


Not bad, right?


Why Bartenders Make So Much

Whenever someone asks 'how much do bartenders make?', it helps to point out why they earn the amount that they do.


As a bartender you have a few things working to your advantage. First, you are in a setting where your customers will be judged by the people they are with. This influences people to leave generous tips for the sake of their own image and to place orders for others so that they look like genuine people. The 'few extra bucks' and additional orders add up quickly for a bartender.


Also, most patrons are eager to make friends with the bartender and that doesn't hurt the amount of tips either. Being a bartender offers social and financial benefits, making for a fun and meaningful career.


Train to be a Bartender Today & Earn More Tomorrow!

We've been helping people become bartenders since 1980, and the positive impact it has made on their lives has been tremendous.


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