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Bartending Supplies and Bartending Kit

Bartending Supplies

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes of a bar that most people don't notice. Hiring a strong bartender, creating a comfortable environment, providing entertainment for customers, making drinks, and having the proper supplies on hand are just some of the things that a manager should consider.


Popular night clubs and bars can remain as well-known "hot spots" for generations. You will often see a landmark drinking establishment featured in the movies, on television, or in magazines. You can even hear bars mentioned in many songs. Regardless of size or popularity, all bars require the appropriate supplies and equipment in order to provide great service for their customers.

We sell excellent bartending supplies fit for drink preparation for anywhere from your home bar to the most high class nightclub.

Great Bartending Entails More Than Meets the Eye

Beer and fine ales don't poor themselves. Although a can needs no specialized tools or supplies to open, there are a number beer glasses or mugs to choose from when complimenting your beverage!

Openers seem simple by nature, but there is actually a wide variety of openers designed for specific applications. You can go for a simple bottle opener or a church key design. Fine dining establishments often require all employees to carry a wine key. There are many wine glass designs available, and selecting the type that goes with the general theme of your bar is a great way to impress patrons.

Liquor pourers are a great way to avoid removing and replacing the tops on liquor bottles day after day.

Tending a bar without any style versus trick bartending with flair could very well be the difference between just barely making ends meet and profiting tremendously as a bartender. Here is where blenders, shakers, strainers, and funnels can aid you greatly.


Do your patrons request their alcoholic beverages "On the rocks!"? A fancy ice crushing machine could impress your customers by providing a unique element that they just can't find at other bars.

Additional Bartending Supplies

You can't make a proper margarita with salt without a good salt rimmer and a delicious salt. First, you'll need to lime the rim of the glass and the you'll need a salt rimmer to apply the salt. Keeping track of the glass sizes you serve and types of materials you use can help you to serve the perfect margarita.

Does your place of business sell shooters? Do you serve them in shot cups (glass or plastic) or test tubes? You'll want a test tube rack if you aren't using cups of some sort.


Let's talk garnishes - olives, onions, cherries, limes, and lemons are best preserved (and most sanitarily presented) in fruit trays. You don't want any disgusted patrons.

Bar caddies are a great place to store napkins and coasters. It's also a good idea to protect your bar from spills with a bar mat.

Do you serve champagne for those who are celebrating a special occasion? You'll need an ice bucket that corresponds with the level of champagne your offer. If there is a table that is has been rooting for a team that just won the big game, a different type of ice bucket may be more appropriate. Ice buckets are a great way to keep drinks cool and they also contribute to the overall experience and atmosphere as well.

Would you like to minimize the risk associated with operating a bar? Anti slip floor mats make for less accidents and a more comfortable work environment.


Getting the point? Running a bar involves loads of details that can make a big difference. Being equipped with the correct bartending supplies make for a safer, easier to manage, more efficient, and profitable bar.

The prepared bartender will have an easier time attracting repeat customers and earning large tips.



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