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Bartending College Is For Everyone
Silver Spring | Rockville | DC | Maryland

Are you looking for a bartending college in Maryland, Rockville, DC, or Silver Spring?

This page is here to give you some information on how a bartending college can help you earn a better wage, doing a fun and lucrative job.

It does not matter your age or gender; bartending is open to all people and can help everyone work an exciting and enjoyable job.

This article gives you all the information you need to know about finding a professional bartender school.

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Can Bartending College Work for Me?

Yes -- Regardless of whom you are.

Bartender school can give you the skills and experience you need to earn a good wage with a fun career.

Whether you want a full-time job or just some supplemental income; whether you are twenty one, or a hundred and twenty one, bartending can work for you.

Am I too old to bartend? Too young?


There are perfect bars out there for anyone.

From a cozy neighborhood pub, to an exciting urban hotspot, bartending is an across-the-board easy way to make money and talk to people.

Even older men and women can make extra money pouring drinks at high-end fancier restaurants or quieter neighborhood joints.

You can bartend just as a way to make new friends -- the person mixing a good drink is always popular!

Why Choose Maryland Bartending Academy?

For over 30 years, MBA has been a bartending college in Maryland actively helping students like you become well-paid professional bartenders.

From opening and closing procedures, through drink mixing, dealing with crowds, and balancing the needs of the wait staff -- MBA teaches you everything you need to be efficient and successful.

In addition, our job placement assistance program can work quickly to help you get the job with that perfect bar or pub that ideally fits you and your needs.

Bartending College Helped Me...

"Since my husband died, after more than 35 years of marriage, I was alone and struggling to live off of social security. I wanted to work again, but it was too late to learn the newest computer skills, and


I wanted to do more than wait tables. Maryland Bartending Academy helped teach me how to bartend and now I have a fun job.

I meet new people and work in a bar that is a cozy neighborhood location, so is never too busy for me, and I have time to chat.

Bartending college really helped me get my life back."

Rose Silverberg, Pikesville, MD

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