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Bartending Careers: Maryland, Baltimore, DC

Are you an interesting and social person that would enjoy connecting with new people while earning money through a bartending career in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia?


If this might be you, continue reading this article for information regarding a career as a bartender. We'll go over the opportunities and benefits of this field in detail.


Benefits of Becoming a Bartender

There area number of advantages that come along with entering the bartending field which other professions simply cannot provide. Some of the unique benefits include:

  • Job Selection: Local bars and cocktail lounges are not the only places where bartenders find employment. High end night clubs, luxury hotels, and even private cruise ships seek out talented bartenders for their high profile customers as well. The confines of your typical desk job no longer apply. Bartenders can find work just about anywhere around the globe.
  • Flexible Schedule: Bartending is one of the most flexible career choices to select. Maintaining a full-time schedule at a restaurant, night club, or casino is one way to go. Another option includes picking up part-time jobs for special events such as corporate banquets, boat parties, or weddings.
  • Social Networking: Given the social nature of bartending, there is always an opportunity to meet high profile people such as a successful business owner or celebrity. Bartenders are positioned to make an evening very special. When someone with power and influence is impressed, they will look out for you in return.
  • Personal Growth: The knowledge and skills you acquire through bartending can be used in other facets of life. Friends and acquaintances will be impressed with your talents.
  • Salary: An average shift for a bartender spans 4-6 hours at a pay rate of $20-30 per hour. Those who work in luxury hotels and exotic resorts report earnings approaching $75,000 annually.
  • Job Stability: The market will always have a place for bartenders as long as people continue drinking alcohol socially. You couldn't ask for a more consistent demand than that.
  • Advancement Potential: The service industry is always in need of dependable management. If you work at a larger bar, like those found in big hotels or resorts, there is potential to be promoted to "head bartender". The "head bartender" controls all operations of a bar and is subject to increased wages.

Bartending Responsibilities

One thing about bartending careers is that no two days are alike. While a good bartender holds the responsibility to know common drink recipes and mix them properly, other job responsibilities that can come with the job are:

  • Building a friendly rapport with the customers.
  • Operating a cash register and collecting payment.
  • Serving food to seated customers at your bar.
  • Ordering liquor and bar supplies and keeping track of inventory.
  • Displaying bottles and glasses in an attractive fashion.
  • Washing and rinsing utensils and glassware.
  • Keeping the bar surface clean for use.

One of the most important responsibilities that a bartender has is to verify the identity of customers to make sure that they are of age.


While maintaining a friendly rapport with customers is great for business, it falls on the bartender to determine when a customer has had too much to drink. Being able to politely refuse service to an overly inebriated customer is a serious responsibility. Offering to call a taxi and being aware of how the patron will be traveling from your establishment safely is the best thing to do.


Train to Become a Bartender at the Maryland Bartending Academy

The Maryland Bartending Academy was created in 1980 and is the oldest school for bartending careers in the state of Maryland.


We currently are graded an A+ by the Better Business Bureau and are approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. That means that we know how to prepare people for a bartending career right away.


You will find our students all over the place! Graduates of our program are everywhere including places such as luxury hotels, cruise ships, popular night clubs, ski resorts, fine restaurants, and exotic vacation resorts.


We are here to answer all of your questions about the program. Simply dial (410) 787-0020 or complete our online contact form to touch base with us.


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