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Bartender Wages In Maryland
Baltimore | Silver Spring | DC

If you are trying to find out more about bartender wages in Maryland and DC through Baltimore, Dundalk, Silver Spring, and across the metro region then this page can relate the information you need.

What Do Bartenders Get Paid?

Bartenders make money both by a low hourly bartender wage, but mostly by receiving tips from happy patrons. Therefore, your earning potential is essentially unlimited. If you are a good bartender, with the skills and knowledge to really work the crowd, then you earnings will certainly fall on the higher end on the scale of bartender wages.

The Average Bartender Wages

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics, part of the Dept. of Labor) national statistics, the average hourly bartender wages (including tips) is $8.54/hour.

The central 50% of earners made between $7.53-$10.98/hour, and the highest 10% of earners made an average of over $14.93/hour.

Like waiters and waitresses, bartenders employed in public bars may receive more than half of their earnings as tips.

Service bartenders often are paid higher hourly wages to offset their lower tip earnings.

It is also worth noting that job prospects for certified professional bartenders are excellent, and the field is growing. Especially in a recession, bars continue to make a good profit and it is one of the few job sectors that can be positively affected.

How Do I Make The Best Wages?

The best way to earn well in your bartending job is to learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

Whether it is how to balance an onslaught of rowdy customers or how to add flair (fancy bartending tricks), obtaining the best bartending skills comes from a professional bartender school.

Maryland Bartending Academy can teach you what you need to know to earn the very best wages.

Further, we offer the leading tips for how to improve your conversational skills

Why Choose the Maryland Bartending Academy?

Of the many bartending Schools out there, MBA can boast over 30 years of experience and many thousands of gainfully employed graduates.

In addition to our years in operation, our job placement assistance program is excellent and can quickly help you get a great paying job right away, with just the bar or pub that fits you.

"With the Maryland Bartending Academy, I learned everything I need to know about bartending for a career.

I make some serious money now, working in a high class bar.

I've met a lot of nice wealthy people, and now that we are friends, my tips are amazing. I love rich people. Thanks bartending school!"

Phillip Rogan, Baltimore, MD

Become A Bartender Today!

To learn more about bartender wages in Maryland, or about bartending in general call: 410-787-0020 or fill out a request for additional information HERE

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