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Bartender School in Maryland
Silver Spring | Rockville | DC

This article presents you with some information on the exciting career opportunities that exist when you attend bartender school in Maryland.

This article gives you all the information you need to know about finding a professional bartending school.

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What can I get out of Bartender School?

Located in Silver Spring, Rockville, Potomac, & Georgetown, Maryland Bartending Academy can help you earn either full-time or part-time supplemental income while working in a fun bar atmosphere.

A professional Bartender School in Maryland is the best way to learn the recipes, techniques, and drink mixing mechanics of the experienced bartender.

From casual neighborhood pubs to the high end (big tip) fancy bars, management only wants to hire certified, knowledgeable bar staff.

Beyond mixing and preparing drinks, bartenders have to be able to juggle, at times, long lines of orders with good customer service.

It takes experience and proper instruction to learn the real tips and tricks of the bartender trade.

MBA can help you earn the best tips, making you an in-demand, highly skilled, bartending professional.

Features of Bartending Education

Our Bartender School will train you on all the best and latest bartending equipment.

From the quickest bottle opener through the newest state-of-the-art Bar Guns, MBA can prepare you for whatever you may come in contact with in your bartending career.

The backbone, of course, is how to mix and prepare drinks efficiently, confidently, and consistently.

Our experienced teachers will teach you to make everything from the Tom Collins an older customer would order to hip newer drinks like Jagerbombs.

A very important part of the modern bartender's repertoire is the art of flair or trick bartending.

Basically, it is the ability to cleverly flip bottles and glasses while simultaneously pouring and mixing your drinks accurately.

It sounds hard, and it is!

It requires practice and instruction, but flair bartenders will make considerably more money, and can even complete in national and international competitions.

With the completion of these courses, expect to be compensated for your hard work with a lucrative future in the best Maryland bars!

Why Choose Maryland Bartending Academy?

Of the many Bartender Schools out there, MBA can boast 30 years of experience, thousands of well-paid graduates.

In addition, our job placement assistance program can quickly help you get a great job right away with a bar or pub that fits you and your needs.

I loved Bartender School...

"Maryland Bartending Academy trained me for a great rewarding second job as a bartender.

I love my job but I also loved Bartender School in Maryland.

It was fun and informative, I met some awesome people, and now I make tons of quick cash every weekend. Thanks a lot!"

Tiffany Dingle, Owings Mills, MD

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