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How To Gain Bartender Employment
Maryland | DC | Baltimore | Dundalk

Bartender employment in Maryland, DC area can be fun and lucrative for the right person.

Whether considering this path as a way to simply make a few extra dollars or as your main career, there are many advantages to becoming a bartender.

If you're good with people and want a flexible schedule, high earning potential, an exciting work environment or just a fun and interesting way to meet new people, bartending may be for you.

If becoming a bartender is something that you've considered but you have any idea as to where you should start then keep reading this article.

You'll learn about the process behind gaining bartender employment and how you can take to ultimately get there.

Bartending School

Most bartenders attended Bartending School before they started working. In school, they were taught by experienced bartenders over the course of several weeks.

Students often train in a fully functional bar using many of the same tools that are used in a professional setting.

Bartending schools test their students by giving time frames in which to make a certain number of drinks.

These tests not only assure that the student can handle the high pressure, fast paced environment they'd be facing outside of school, but that they can remember the ingredients to certain drinks as well.

Bartending schools not only offer familiarization with the setting and instruction from experienced bartending, but many bartending schools also offer job placement assistance following graduation.

With Bartenders being employed in places like resorts, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars all over the country, some schools have exclusive deals worked out with the owners of such establishments where their students can be put into jobs right after graduation.

Not only do bartending schools teach things like customer service, how to mix the most popular drinks, the job application process and being able to interview well with hiring managers--

But they also teach important aspects of bartender employment in Maryland not often considered like knowing the local liquor laws of the state that the student would be working in, which is important for anyone working in a place that serves alcohol.

Bartending School is an attractive option to many because, unlike trade schools that can take months and colleges that can take years, bartending classes tend to last for only a matter of weeks before completion.

Where To Attend Bartending School

If you're looking for a school to begin your bartender employment in the Maryland-DC area then look no further than Maryland Bartending Academy.

Having been in business since 1980, MBA is recognized by bar and restaurant owners for the talent that it produces and fully approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

As an accredited member of the better business bureau with an A+ rating, we guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

"I got my bartending employment as soon as I got out of bartender school, and it is a great job.

I work at an exclusive club downtown; for a typical weekend job the tips I make are amazing.

And I don't have to wear anything fancy to work!"

-Brandi Watts

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